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July 15th to the 21th, 2020


San Juan, Puerto Rico



July 15 to 17 Noon

Self-Directing IRA’s, 401k’s, HSAA’s, and CESA’s

Session Starts at 8am

  • Retirement, Health & Education accounts. Which you one is right for you?

  • How To Make Small Accounts Into Large Accounts. Get the exact process I use to turn a $5K into a $50K account.

  • $3 Million Net Present Value to make just one account grow tax-free - and we recommend having 2 - 5 accounts.  We'll walk through the math, step-by-step.

  • Why having an HSA account even with a $10 is so important and why it is worth thousands more

  • How an HSA can reimburse you for traveling overseas.

  • How to deduct computer, utilities, software, and much more ...even if you don't have a business & it is not writing it off.

  • How to NOT grow IRA's based on the Tax Court's huge new ruling in the Mazzei Case

    Hint: Assignments are out, as are many types of option deals. We'll discuss what works, what does not, and, most imporantly, why.

  • Why I run ALL of my deals via these accounts – and how you can too

  • Detailed discussion of how to avoid the dreaded Prohibited Transactions (they literally destroy the IRA with the government getting about half the balance)

  • Why I won in Tax Court the two times I sued the IRS in IRA cases

  • Detailed discussion of UBIT (“Unrelated Business Income Tax”)

    • When it applies
    • How to avoid it
    • How to reduce it when it cannot be avoided
  • “Check Book LLC’s” – when they make sense and when they do not.

  • Powerful techniques to use OPM to supercharge your accounts

  • Why you DO qualify for a Roth no matter how much you make (your CPA is wrong)

  • How one investor is running 40 rehabs per year through his Roth

  • Get your questions answered by John himself.

  • And much, much, more!

July 17 Noon & 20 Noon

Entities & Asset Protection

Session Starts at 8am

No Class Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th (use this days a tax deductible vacation, more on this later)

  • How many LLC's? You hear different answers. I'll give you my formula to put an end to that question.

  • When does Nevada/Wyoming/Delaware make sense – and when not

  • Should you have a holding company? When it makes sense, When it doesn't? and Why?

  • How a well crafted LLC saved on investor over $1M in a lawsuit ...what to look for and what to avoid?

  • How an S-Corporation can save you $20k per year.

  • How a C-Corporation can save you over $100k per year.

  • Should you have a management company?

  • Series LLC’s – too good to be true?

  • Land trusts – helpful or guru malarkey?

  • How to figure out what causes lawsuits – and avoid them.

  • How to maintain your entities (few of you are doing this, making your existing structure useless)

  • When to use S-Corporations and C-Corporations ...should you do a C-Corp now that the rate is lower? The answer will surprise you.

  • Why Nevada & Utah tax/asset protection advisors are evil – and wrong – and expensive

  • What entities protect – and what they do not

  • Lots of Questions & Answers

  • And much, much, more!

July 20 Noon to 21

New Tax Law & Tax Reduction Strategies

Session Starts at 8am

  • The new “Pass-Thru Deduction” can trim up to 30% off of your taxes. We will discuss how to qualify in great detail, including:

    • Rentals
    • AirBNB’s/Short-Term Rentals
    • Rehab & Retail
    • Assignment/Wholesaling
    • Private & Hard Monday Lending
    • Realtor & other service providers

    Example: You buy a rental property for $100,000 in 2019.  Following our careful interpretation of the new tax law, you get a $15,000 deduction in 2019.

  • Opportunity Zones – how you can own 100% of one and realize massive tax savings.

  • How to turn a $10K Opportunity Fund into a $100K ...without additional gains. 

  • How an OZ Fund saved on investor $100k in taxes - and will save even more in ten years

  • 1031 Like-Kind/Tax-Deferred Exchanges, some creative twists

  • Subtle changes to IRS accounting rules simplify your accounting AND save you money

  • Why having a “Trade or Business” matters more than ever (and how to make sure your activity is a Trade or Business and not just “investment”)

  • Radical changes to choice-of-entity for private lending

  • Why paying the kids a salary became even more valuable

  • How to write off the kids clothing, meals, toys, electronics, and much more.

  • Health Reimbursement Arrangement – What they are, when they beat Health Savings Accounts, how to create & run one, and a free sample plan

  • Health Reimbursement Accounts - An easy $12k in savings for one client

  • How to turn a $3000 Home Office deduction into a $20K write off ...even if you have an office.

  • How to meet five hours in Mexico/Caribbean and write off the plane ticket for the entire week-long trip

  • What is a “real estate professional”, should you be one, how to qualify

  • “Dealer” Status – how it is different from being a “real estate professional”, what it means and what to do about it

  • How to maximize depreciation deductions on your rentals – are you depreciating the driveway, shrubbery, and patio?

  • How to get nice furniture in your personal home – tax-free

  • Using a vacation house for tax reduction and how to get a $10K to 20K write off without renting it to strangers.

  • Taxation of Airbnb rentals & Tax Reduction Strategies.

  • Writing off things you love to do/How the IRS treats hobbies

  • Of course, lots of answers to your questions

  • And much, much, more!

MEET JOHN (Your Host)

John Hyre is a tax attorney with 22 years of experience.  His virtual practice caters to real estate investors, small businesses, and self-directed IRA/401k investors all over the US.


John provides extensive planning, structuring, tax-reduction and asset protection services.  He also represents taxpayers in audits & Tax Court, and assists taxpayers who owe the IRS money.


John also speaks nationwide on the taxation of real estate and SDIRA’s/401k’s.


John also has a unique way of delivering his trainings. He will keep you awake and listening. His ability to explain complex topics and sense of humor are sure to keep you engaged.

John is the the "straightest-shooter" I know. In the "real-world" of real estate investing and other entrepreneurial endeavors, I would recommend John and his team to anyone...

Tim Norris

CEO - National Real Estate Insurance Group

...John Hyre takes the cake. Unless you like paying more taxes that you should, and don't care about building long-term wealth, you need this guy on your team.

Mike Hambright

Investor Launchpad

John is extremely knowledgeable about taxes and being a Real Estate Investor. He is a great Speaker on the subject as well. We highly recommend John!

Stephanie and Jon Iannotti

Iannotti Realty Solutions


Class is from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm for each of 5 days – July 15th – 17th + 20th & 21th (the weekend of July 18th & 19th will be 100% personal time that is treated as a business time for tax purposes). 


Spend the rest of each weekday and the entire weekend in Old San Juan, at the beach, in El Yunque Rainforest, at Condado restaurants & night clubs, etc.….and write off your vacation.


How does the write-off work?  Any day that more than 4 hours & 1 minute are spent on business is a “business day” for tax purposes.   When a trip has more business days than personal days can write off “getting there” (flight, etc.).  You can also write off a hotel room and (your) meals on each business day.  We are having 5 hours of class each day, so each class day is a business day.  But the class ends early so you can make the most of the local attractions.


In addition:  There will be no classes on the weekend – but those days are still treated as “business days” for tax purposes, so hotels & meals can still be written off for those days.  Specifically, the tax law allows one to treat weekend days as “business” days if it is cheaper to stay at the destination than it is to fly home and back again for Monday classes (and it is) – even though no time is actually spent on business.  And yes, I planned the class days to get exactly that result!


The Trip-to-Puerto Rico Write Off:

  • Spend up to 13 days in Puerto Rico and write off the cost of getting there (for those who attend the conference and are part of the business paying for the trip).
  • The hotel room can be written off on business days. Separate rooms for kids cannot be written off. (unless they work in the business & attend)
  • Your meals can be deducted, the kids’ meals cannot. (unless they work in the business & attend)
  • If you are going to learn about SDIRA investing, taxes & asset protection might as well make a fun, deductible vacation out of it!


    $1,599 per person. The seminar should involve about 23 hours of speaking time, with lots of opportunity for Q&A.  It is an excellent value.  Spouses & children of attendees can come for an additional $300 each.  No discounts for “business partners”, sorry.

    Dear Negotiators:  NO EXCEPTIONS, DO NOT CALL TO HAGGLE.  I am not in foreclosure, have not lost my job, and am not getting divorced.  In short, I am not a “Motivated Seller”.  The value offered is excellent.  Google me & reviews of my workshops.  They are painfully full of real-world content and are emphatically not a “sales-fest”.

    The sheer quality & quantity of information will cause you to bleed from the nose & ears.  Bring a hanky.


    Capital Center Building

    Ave Arterial Hostos

    San Juan, 00918, Puerto Rico

    Google Maps Link


    Seating is limited to 30, first paid, first served.

    Event will be recorded and also live-streamed for the ones who love the convenience of the interwebs.



    Our speaking space is not in a hotel.  As such we do not have a “block” with anyone. 


    I would stay in either Old San Juan or Condado – these are the closest & safest areas.  They also are packed with good restaurants and are a cheap Uber (and Uber is pretty cheap in PR) from both the event space and the airport. 


    There are lots of Airbnb’s and boutique hotels in the area.


    We can help refer you to competent tour guides.  Things worth seeing or doing:

      Where is the event being held? 

      What if I can't attend live? Will it be recorded?

      Who is this workshop best suited to?

      Is the online livestream the same price as the physical event?

      Class is limited to 30

      to keep it intimate & small




      "John Hyre is the 7th degree Black Belt you want on your team. I can not more highly recommend John Hyre."

      Brad Simmons

      Economic Alliance

      Amazing testimonials

      Amazing testimonials

      "Eye opening content and actionable techniques that will save me thousands"

      Lawrence F.

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