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This schedule assumes a great deal of time for Q&A, roughly half the class time. Beats $500/hour!

Day #1

Feb 27, 2021

9am - 5pm

9 AM

Choice of Retirement Account

(IRA, SEP, SIMPLE, 3 types of 401(k), Defined Benefit
Plan, which combination is best for you?). Contribution rules: How to stuff $300k+ per year into
these accounts.
How to contribute The Max to two 401k’s per person. How to have self-directed 401ks with
employees. Roth or Traditional or Both? Roth conversion discounting methods. Rollover
Business Start-Up’s (ROB’s).

11:30 PM

Red-Headed Stepchildren

Health Savings Accounts & Coverdell Educational Savings Accounts. The massive list of things HSA can pay for; CESA for K-12, university, and personal home computing needs.

1:15 PM

Prohibited Transaction Rules

We’ll take a detailed walkthrough of the relevant parts of Code Section 4975 – Very important, most discussions of PT Rules are grossly inadequate. FreeFlow Q&A – This topic is one that gives rise to the vast majority of IRA questions in my practice.

3:15 PM

"Checkbook LLCs"

When are they worth the hassle, IRS traps, drafting tips, how most CBLLC’s could kill your IRA, errors most CBLLC promotors make. Also: Blocker Corporations to Save on UBIT, Preferred Dividend LLC’s to avoid UBIT on borrowing. Upsides & Downsides (and there are) of IRA’s partnering together. When Personal Property Trusts are better than LLC’s – and when they are not. Who should manage it?

Day #2

Feb 28, 2021

9am - 5pm

9 AM

Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT)​

What is it? How to avoid it, when to be thankful for it. Shared Appreciation Mortgages to avoid UBIT. 20% UBIT rates vs 37% rates. IRS Form 990-T tricks & traps.

9:45 AM

“Skin in the Game”​

The Mazzei case, assignments, options, and “options”

10:05 AM

More Money Into The IRA

Excess contributions; emergency loans to the IRA.

10:05 AM

My Favorite Technique

Technique to make a $5,000 IRA into a $100,000 IRA. Avoiding “feet of clay” & when “The Perfect is the Enemy of the Good”.

11 AM

Audits & Tax Court

What I have seen in Audits & Tax Court. Very few attorneys have this kind of experience. It heavily influences my planning & sense of probabilities. Why judges’ politics matter to your IRA – a lot.

1 PM

Inherited IRA’s​

Old Rules, New Rules, the Meaning of “Inherit”

1:30 PM

Open Discussion, Q&A, Free-For-All​

  • Things you asked me to Think About & Discuss via email at least one week before the class
  • Rentals, including leverage, sandwich lease options/master leasing, self-storage, and mobile home parks.
  • Buy, rehab, sell
  • Discounted notes – holding, foreclosing, selling, brokering, selling partials
  • Crypto


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